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Concrete Grinding & Repair For The Best Surface Preparation

Concrete Grinding For Coating Removal Prior to Repair

The best way to remove paint from concrete is by grinding it off!

Concrete grinding & repair prior to spray on paving needs to be done if the concrete has any coating on it. This is usually paint or sealer or an existing faux brick or spray on paving job which you just can’t stand anymore and want changed.

Concrete grinding & repair is also the best way to smooth down very rough and pitted concrete and is also a much better choice than using messy and very expensive environmentally harmful paint strippers.

Concrete Grinding Of High Spots

If a section of the slab is raised as often happens with tree roots growing under it, then concrete grinding & repair in conjunction with building up the low side will be cheaper and just as effective as replacing a section with new concrete.

Raised edges, even just a little, are noticeable and have the effect of making a job look like old concrete that’s been spruced up a bit. But concrete grinding a slab to make it flat all over makes it look brand spanking new and premium quality in every way!

The difference is quite striking and more than worth the extra concrete grinding & repair preparation effort. A resurfacing job will always look far better when it’s grinded flat before concrete resurfacing.

We can do concrete grinding & repair as a standalone service or as part of the preparation before concrete resurfacing.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair of control joint cracks needs to be done prior to resurfacing.For spray paved concrete to look its best, proper repair and preparation is essential. This can be quite a time consuming process and often takes more time than the actual spray paving.

Crack’s in concrete are caused by soil expansion and contraction which causes ground movement and hence, cracking. You can’t prevent the earth moving but when concrete cracks the chance of a lasting crack repair, while never guaranteed, can at least be given the best chance of being successful.

So while the ground movement which causes concrete to crack is beyond the control of any concrete contractor, there are still ways to minimise this perpetual problem. Saw cutting the concrete in the correct spot and using the right patching compound is important. In essence making sure best practice is followed.

The control joint looks fine after it's repaired and will improve the look of the spray on pavingThese pictures to the left are an example of a very common and unsightly problem. Severe cracking along the bottom of the control joint causes the slab to become two separate halves. This sort of problem is commonly left unrepaired but it’s always repairable and really detract’s from the finished job if it isn’t.

The pictures below show a repair done to some spray paving badly damaged during a house renovation. It’s never easy matching new with old but it can be done!


Concrete grinding is the best way to remove damaged coatings.

Spray on paving repair can be done to blend in seamlessly with the existing paving if sufficient care is taken to match up the colour between new and old.

        Concrete Grinding And Surface Preparation Services

We can do the following as either a stand alone service or included as part of any concrete resurfacing job:-

– General concrete repairs

– Concrete grinding & repair for paint or any old coating removal and for levelling uneven slabs

– High pressure cleaning of concrete and paving

Concrete Surface Preparation: Why It’s So Important

Concrete resurfacing is the answer for non-matching concrete to make it all look the same.Surface preparation is the most important part of concrete resurfacing and when done properly, is the reason why the finished job will look fantastic. Which of course means the opposite is also true in that inadequate surface preparation will result in a less than stellar finished job which unfortunately, is all too common in the resurfacing business.

The reason people employ us in the first place is because they want their concrete to be resurfaced to look fantastic with its new decorative finish so it goes without saying that good surface prep skills are essential. if your contractors surface prep skills fall short of what they should be then so will your job! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve spent a week doing concrete grinding & repair followed by two days of spray paving to finish the job. Find out more about us.

The Customer Must Come First

The best thing about running your own small business is you can be more focussed about the job you’re doing without some boss getting on your back about getting a move on. When the man who does the job is also the boss then maintaining the highest of quality standards will always happen because let’s face it, could you really expect the average employee to care as much about a job as the business owner would?

I can tell you from past experience that this never happens, in fact, doesn’t even come close to happening. Just be aware that anyone can high pressure clean concrete, do some quick repairs, then spray pave it and guess what? It will look pretty good because compared to what it looked like prior to spray paving, it’s a vast improvement!

But most customers are none the wiser because to them it’s so much better than before! But is it as good as it could and should be? There are endless little things to attend to, often involving tedious attention to detail and quite time consuming which makes the avoidance of these quite appealing to the average contractor because after all, time is money right!

How Good Do You Want Your Concrete To Look?

But if you compared side by side, two completed jobs with one fully and correctly prepped and the other with a rudimentary preparation, the differences will then be obvious.

At Newcoat Resurfacing, we take great pride in our work and near enough is never good enough so if you think that’s important then you’ll be making a good choice if you employ Newcoat Resurfacing for your decorative concrete resurfacing works.

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Pressure Washing

High pressure cleaning of concrete is the only way to remove heavily ingrained dirt.

High pressure cleaning of concrete is the best way to remove heavily ingrained dirt and is also essential preparation prior to any resurfacing work.

To high pressure clean concrete properly, you need a machine rated around 3500-4000 psi!

If you don’t have one, rather than hire, we can do the cleaning for you!

Or maybe you’re intending to sell your property but you need to do something about all that dirty concrete first!

Or you’re planning to reseal your concrete yourself but you don’t have a decent high pressure cleaner!

You’ll probably find the cost of machine hire makes getting your paving or concrete cleaned by someone else a better option as clearly demonstrated in the pictures below!

If you’d like your concrete expertly cleaned then call us today to discuss your requirements and we’ll get the job done for you!

As you can see in these pictures, just cleaning the concrete alone will be a vast improvement over doing nothing!