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Concrete Resurfacing & Spray on Paving Services

Concrete Resurfacing Services

At Newcoat Resurfacing, we specialise in concrete resurfacing and anti slip spray on paving to mimic these styles: Exposed Aggregate Concrete, Stencil Concrete and Plain Coloured Concrete. We can also do any sort of custom design you may require. If your concrete just needs a high pressure clean and fresh coat of concrete sealer then we can do that too.

Concrete Resurfacing has three main areas which are:-

An interlocking diamond is a fabulous custom addition to your concrete resurfacing project.1. Concrete Grinding and Surface Preparation

2. Decorative Spray On Paving

3. Clear & Coloured Concrete Sealer Application

Concrete resurfacing is by far the best way to transform existing concrete because let’s face it, concrete in its original state isn’t that great to look at. Some people would even say that it’s drab and ugly but thanks to concrete resurfacing, it doesn’t have to be that way! The other option you may consider is paving paint but that’s very poor in comparison, being slippery when wet and guaranteed to flake off.

Concrete Resurfacing Options

There are basically two main options for external concrete resurfacing of existing concrete. These are spray on paving and coloured concrete sealing. By far the best of these is spray on paving. This is the application of a new coating of polymer modified anti slip decorative concrete. The choice of colours & patterns for spray on paving designs is extensive and wide ranging.

At the budget end of the spectrum is a fresh application of concrete sealer. This could be clear sealing, colour sealing or specialised sealing for different types of pavers or polyurethanes, etc.

Newcoat Resurfacing is well versed in all of the correct preparation and application procedures for all forms of concrete resurfacing so contact us today for any assistance you require.

Under The Umbrella of Spray on Paving There Are Several Styles To Choose From

These are:

Exposed Aggregate Resurfacing For Existing Concrete  

Spray On Paving Stencil Pattern 

– Custom Design Spray on Paving  

– Plain, One Colour All Over

For all spray on paving, type of materials used remains the same for all styles. What changes is the decorative look. The more involved this becomes, the longer it takes to apply which accounts for the higher cost of stencil and custom jobs.

The Benefits Of Concrete Resurfacing Are Numerous:

Spray on paving borders with a tile stencil pattern are always popular when resurfacing concrete.

Why leave your concrete plain and drab? Fab is better than drab wouldn’t you agree! There’s plenty of compelling reasons for concrete resurfacing around your home or business with spray on paving. Some of these many benefits include the following:-

– Cracked and damaged concrete can be repaired and transformed into something worth looking at as before & after pictures will show!  

– The street appeal and therefore value of your property, will be greatly enhanced. Many fantastic looking houses are spoiled by wretched looking old concrete! 

–  Spray on paving or exposed aggregate resurfacing is perfect around pools and on sloping surfaces with its anti-slip texture. Very important if you don’t want to be sued when someone slips and is seriously injured (yes it does happen).  

– For applications where the main criteria is for a safety slip reducing surface, not only will that be achieved, it’ll also look fantastic for many years to come.

– It’s very strong with excellent abrasion resistance. The compressive strength of spray on paving is 2-3 times that of regular concrete at around 50-60 mpa.


Our concrete resurfacing work is guaranteed in writing for a period of five years after completion. The guarantee covers our workmanship and the materials used. The reality is that when a job is correctly prepped and installed, it won’t fail.

Problems usually arise when contractors make poor decisions that no experienced operator will ever make. Dodgy tradesman who make these problem causing mistakes will almost certainly not honour any guarantee they provide so it’s a case of buyer beware!

Why You Should Never Use Paving Paint For Concrete Resurfacing

Whatever you do, please don’t use paving or concrete paint for any type of concrete resurfacing. It rarely stays on, can be slippery when wet and will look very plain and one dimensional.

And later on when you decide you’ve had enough of it and are sick of redoing it, you’ll pay more to have it grinded off.

So if you want a long lasting, hard wearing and attractive decorative CONCRETE finish, you really can’t beat the quality and looks of decorative concrete resurfacing, and at a price that can’t be beat for value for money!

Garage Floors: Why You Should Forget About Epoxy Flooring

If you’d like to coat or resurface your garage floor, I would also suggest that avoiding epoxy flooring is a good idea as well. Why would I say that? Price, and price alone is the reason!

Epoxy coatings are good quality and they look good. However, they’re so much more expensive compared to a spray paved finish and the choice of decorative look is limited in comparison.

Ordinarily, spray paving is extremely strong being 2-3 times harder than regular concrete and offers very good abrasion resistance. To give it even more durability if that’s what you require, sealing it with extra hard wearing polyurethane sealer will do the trick.  And the end cost will be cheaper than epoxy!