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Decorative Concrete Spray on Paving Patterns & Colours

Spray on Paving Patterns & Colours  Selection For Decorative Concrete

Concrete colours & patterns for spray paving come in a wide choice of styles to suit any application.Our selection of spray on paving patterns & colours comprise a wide ranging choice of styles to suit any property. And our colour range may well be the most extensive in the resurfacing industry. That’s because we make them up ourselves which means we’re not limited to any manufacturers range. We can tweak and play around with different formulas to come up with an almost infinite selection of concrete colours.

In saying that, experience has taught us that it pays not to complicate things too much. We don’t want to overwhelm people with too many spray on paving patterns & colours to choose from. So what we have is a standard range of about 20 colours in the usual tones of greys (bluestone, black, gun metal), earthy sandy type colours, reds & terracotta’s, and coffee/browns.

From these base colours, if you want a slight variation such as a little lighter or darker for example, then we can certainly do that. But generally speaking, our standard spray on paving patterns & colours range for concrete resurfacing has something to suit most people.

We Recommend Stencil Spray on Paving Patterns From The Parchem Range

Visit our photo gallery to see what a variety of stencil patterns look like after spray on paving and contact us for a free quote. Some of these stencil patterns can also be slightly modified such as converting a small tile pattern into a large tile pattern by removing some intermediate grout lines.

Choose a border or stencil spray on paving pattern from this chart:


Our stencil concrete colours and patterns range is extensive with a wide range of spray on paving patterns and border stencils to choose from. We also custom mix colours.