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Exposed Aggregate Resurfacing For Existing Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Resurfacing

Exposed aggregate concrete resurfacing will match in well with any property style. It's styling is contemporary and value for money is exceptional.

Exposed aggregate concrete resurfacing is the most popular resurfacing choice. Its decorative look combined with its relatively low cost makes it exceptionally good value for money that most people find hard to beat.

To get the exposed aggregate look, a fleck is sprayed consisting of two different colours over the main colour. But there are no hard and fast rules here as you can choose as many fleck colours as you like.

One of the great benefits of exposed aggregate concrete resurfacing is its flecked or freckled appearance. This helps hide or camouflages dirt and debris far better than a plain colour ever will so when it’s dirty, it won’t look as dirty as it actually is which is a great and practical benefit.

Most people have better things to do than clean their paving so if it doesn’t look dirty, why clean it!

The Exposed Aggregate Look

The exposed aggregate spray on paving fleck density can be made to look either sparse or heavily condensed, depending on the way the aggregate fleck is sprayed.

The picture at the top shows the standard exposed aggregate resurfacing look with a two colour fleck. The picture to the left shows a more condensed aggregate appearance with a bigger fleck size. The white fleck on the black main colour makes it stand out more than the more subtle colour combination shown in the top photo. The fleck size can be altered by switching to a different nozzle size in the hopper gun.

The opposite effect also works equally as well when you choose fleck colours similar to the main colour, maybe a shade or two darker or lighter. The way you combine the colours is up to you and there are endless colour combinations which will enable you to arrive at a truly unique look if that’s what you desire.


Exposed Aggregate Combined With Patterns

Exposed aggregate spray on paving looks even better when enclosed by a stencil brick border. This is not only decorative but also exceptionally good value for money.Exposed aggregate looks great on its own but if you want a more decorative look then adding a stencil border and/or a feature diamond or rosette will certainly do the trick!

As the picture to the left shows, adding a border and a feature diamond makes a significant difference even though the surface area of the border and diamond is quite small relative to the rest of the job.

You can see how the charcoal border really gives this drive a defined look. If the border was a plain light grey like the main colour then the look and feel would be quite different.

Adding a border and some rosettes to an exposed aggregate main is also cost effective compared to the cost of a full stencil pattern so adding a patterned or decorative look to your proposed exposed aggregate concrete resurfacing can be done without blowing your budget! Contact us for more information.