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Stencil Spray On Paving Concrete Resurfacing

Spray On Paving Stencil Patterns For Concrete Resurfacing

The spray on paving shown here use's a brick stencil pattern with bluestone shading as an extra decorative feature to give it a unique look.

Spray on paving stencil is just another name used to describe decorative concrete resurfacing. Whatever you call it, it’s a guaranteed way to improve your existing plain concrete that currently looks drab and may be in a state of disrepair.

If you’d like to replace it with paving then the best solution is to resurface it with a spray on paving stencil pattern rather than replacing it.  All concrete, no matter its age or condition is a candidate for resurfacing.

The choice of spray on paving stencil colours and patterns is wide ranging and there’s something suitable for all property styles.

Spray on Paving Stencil Options

Stencil pattern spray paving has plenty of extra decorative options. A shading effect when applied gives your spray paving a more natural look.The way your finished spray on paving stencil will look is very customisable and comes down to how creative you wish to get – or maybe not too creative, just simple and practical – but whatever it is you want, it can be done!

As the picture to the left shows, adding a charcoal shading effect and a circle rosette is a great decorative touch and really lifts the job above the ordinary. The diamond tile pattern shown in the top picture has a white grout line colour. If the grout line was dark, then the difference wouldn’t be subtle. With spray on paving stencil, there’s no right or wrong with colour or pattern choice.

It all comes down to your preference and what looks right with your colour scheme. Having a pattern also doesn’t mean you can’t use an aggregate like fleck. If that’s what you want, have it done like that. What does look good with spray on paving stencil is a sparse one colour fleck, usually black, but personally, I find the shading effect is hard to go past for looks and practicality.

Spray on Paving Stencil Borders

Spray on paving borders with a tile stencil pattern are always popular when resurfacing concrete.Borders always look good with any spray on paving stencil pattern and give any area a more defined look. The choices include the traditional brick header course, a thin edge brick, cobble, keystone cobble and large tile.

They don’t just have to border the perimeter of the job either. A good effect for example is when you have a long narrow drive or path, you can run the border across the drive at several intervals to break things up a bit and get away from too much sameness. Borders also look fantastic around an exposed aggregate main.

Borders look great in a contrasting colour to the main but can work equally as well when the colour is the same as the main.

Why Not Customise Your Spray on Paving Stencil Design!

A custom spray pave design will give you an infinite choice of concrete paving patterns. large tile pattern with extra wide grout lines gives a very distinctive lookSometime’s you want something a little different than everyone else, not necessarily radically different, but something that is unique to you. When it comes to concrete resurfacing, most people are content with a standard spray on paving stencil or exposed aggregate look, after all, the function of concrete is based around practical considerations as opposed to being the sole focus of attention.

That usually means that custom spray on paving stencil is more about slight variations from the standard and not anything too radical.

A good example of that is shown in the picture on the left. What we have here is a large tile pattern with tile sizes at 600mm x 600mm. The standard grout line width is about 12mm but this job looks completely different than that because of the extra wide 75mm grout line.

It doesn’t take a lot of variation to achieve a really different and interesting look so it’s well worth your while to put some thought into this.

Another simple but very effective technique with tile patterns is to make a few randomly spread tiles a different colour than the rest. This works especially well on very large areas where a little variation makes things a lot more interesting.

Business logo’s, road markings or feature rosette’s are examples of jobs that utilise customised spray on paving.

Taped Tile Patterns

A spray on paving tile pattern can be customised to your size requirements.The largest tile size from the spray on paving stencil pattern range measures about 264mm x 264mm so when a larger size is required, the pattern is marked out using filament tape which of course means that tile size and shape can be anything you want.

Standard spray on paving grout line widths match the width of the filament tape which comes in sizes of 6, 12, 18, & 24mm. The picture on the left shows an example of a taped tile pattern.

The pattern is measured out properly using string lines to ensure the lines remain nice and straight and the tile sizes stay the same.

 Custom Logo’s/Diamond’s etc

Custom spray paving patterns for concrete resurfacing can be used for many different applications such as business logo's etc.Custom logo’s or feature rosettes/diamonds etc, can be made to look quite distinctive and a diamond as shown in the picture on the left for example, can be made very large and still work well.

Large interlocking diamonds are popular and company logo’s are also an option. Spray on paving can be used for line marking to mark out courts, bike tracks, road arrows etc.

Being spray on paving, you can be sure that it won’t come off, unlike line marking paint! Find out more about us and get in contact for a free quote.